Facial Acne Treatment in Singapore | Acne Treatment SG



Loo Choong Jun,

“I had terrible acne and it caused me to lack self-confidence. Squeezing my own pimples only gave me acne scars, making things worse. Thanks goodness New York Skin Solutions managed to do what I thought was impossible: they got rid of my pimples! ”


Ivy Liu,

“No matter how much I tried preventing breakouts, they still happened and I ended up looking terrible. I was so relieved that New York Skin Solutions was able to help me. My pimples are finally gone! Now, I can smile with more confidence.”


Felicia Tan,
Acne Scars

“I used to avoid taking photographs because my skin would always look bumpy. I tried many ways to remove my acne scars but they didn’t work. With New York Skin Solutions, my scars faded. Since then, my skin looks good from every angle! I feel more confident now!”


Hong Wei,
Severe Pimples

“I’ve suffered from severe acne since puberty, and off-the-shelf products didn’t work at all. I thought I would have to live with it forever. After going to New York Skin Solutions, I’m glad to say my skin problems are solved and I am more confident! ”


Vivien Fong,

“I still had many pimples on my cheeks and jawline even though I was no longer a teenager. This frustrated me as I didn’t know how to get rid of them. Desperate, I decided to give New York Skin Solutions a shot. It was a great relief to see my pimples vanishing gradually! ”