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  • 302 Tiong Bahru Road
    Tiong Bahru Plaza
    Singapore 168732

  • (65) 6272 5566
  • Mon – Sat : 11am – 9pm
    Sunday & Public Holiday : 11am – 7pm

Visit Tiong Bahru Plaza For Your Facial

Dubbed the “hippest” neighborhood of Singapore, Tiong Bahru is a housing estate located in the central region of the island. Despite it being home to the oldest housing estate in Singapore, the area has risen in popularity after having undergone rapid gentrification in the mid-2000s and is now peppered with small cafes and indie boutiques. Tiong Bahru Plaza, the main mall serving the residents of the area has also underwent a major revamp back in 2015.

Now, the mall has plenty of amenities and facilities for the residents of Tiong Bahru. Whether you are thinking of going for a facial, grabbing a quick bite, or doing some shopping, the mall has got you covered.

Getting a Facial

To enjoy healthy and glowing skin, getting a facial regularly is highly important. This is because facials can help to rid your skin of dead cells and clogged pores, which can cause congestion and lead to pimples or acne. To maximize the benefits of a facial, you can discuss with the consultants at our Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet to customize a facial treatment for your skin type. Whether you are looking to target problem areas or ensure that your skin remains youthful, we can personalize the right facial treatment for your skin.

What to Expect After a Facial

98% of our customers reported visible improvements in their complexion. However, like with most facial treatments, the skin will begin to detox within the next few days, which can cause some irritation or breakouts. Fret not, this is just the skin’s natural process of expelling impurities that were embedded deep within your pores. This process is completely normal, and your skin will return to normal within a few days.

Do note that you should avoid picking on your skin or applying harsh products after your facial. If you’d like, our consultants will gladly recommend some of New York Skin Solutions’ products to add to your skincare regimen to maintain optimal results.

Make an appointment at our Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet today to find out more about our facial treatments.