Both men and women are susceptible to dark eye circles, which will cause them to appear tired and restless. Our eyes are constantly at work – Staring at the computer, looking at our phones, watching the television, and the list goes on. Proper eye care is important or tired eyes will show in the form of Dark Eye Circles and/or Eye Bags.


  • Dark eye circles and eye bags can be caused by various reasons. These include: Insufficient sleep, fatigue, stress, medication, ageing, heredity, fluid retention

    • Blood vessels around the eye area are extremely fine and thin and thus, blood flows at a slower rate as compared to the other parts of the body.
    • When blood flow gets further hindered due to the accumulation of toxins from inadequate rest, veins around the eyes start to turn purplish red due to slower drainage, forming dark eye circles.
    • Dark eye circles are often associated with puffy eyes and eye bags as fluids that are not drained away causes the possibility of swelling/puffy eyes and eye bags.
    • Also, as we age, the membrane which is responsible for supporting fats in the lower eyelid that cushions the eye socket becomes loose, causing the skin below the eyes to sag, resulting in eye bags.

Our Solution:

  • Thorough and deep cleansing of the face to remove impurities that are present
  • Series of hot and cold mask compressions
  • Lymphatic massage to improve blood circulation at the eye area
  • Detoxifying eye treatment, draining away excess fluids and cellular impurities
  • Firming and lifting the eye contour to prevent sagging skin at the eye area
  • Products used are botanical based and prescribed with suitable vitamins and minerals for effective eye care treatments.

Visible Results: 

  • Lightened Dark Eye Circles
  • Reduced Visible Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Brightened Eye Area

*Individual results may vary.


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