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Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

How Does Skin Age?

As we age, skin cell turnover slows down. Our youthful qualities such as firmness, tautness and radiance will not be as visible as before. Visible signs of skin ageing like fine lines and wrinkles appear as a result of our skin’s natural defence mechanism, as well as slower cell renewal and recovery.

This is all a natural part of ageing. However, there are certain factors that can cause your skin to age earlier and take away your youthful appearance before you reach your 40s.

If your self-esteem is affected by these visible signs of ageing, the good news is that anti-ageing facial and skin tightening treatments can help restore your youthful skin and confidence.


Every day, our skin is subjected to factors such as sunlight, harsh weather, and stress that accumulate over time, cause damage to our skin barrier, and lead to visible signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles.

Another major factor is our lifestyle habits. For instance, smoking can produce free radicals, which is when once-healthy oxygen molecules are now overactive and unstable. Free radicals damage cells, leading to, among other things, premature wrinkles.

Other factors that contribute to ageing of the skin include stress, gravity, daily facial movement, obesity, and even sleep position.

New York Skin Solutions’ Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment aims to tackle the underlying causes of visible signs of ageing, such as decreased collagen production and lowered skin elasticity. In this way, we help protect your skin against external stressors that lead to premature signs of ageing, in order to help you regain your confidence.


As our skin matures, the natural moisturising factors present in it diminish, leading to dry, rough facial skin. This is often a sign of decreased sebum production and compromised skin barriers. Our Anti-Aging Treatment effectively tackles this by restoring hydration and smoothness from inside out.

Collagen and elastin levels, which are the proteins responsible for maintaining your skin’s firmness, naturally and gradually decrease over time. This results in saggy skin as we age, often noticeable around the cheeks, jowls, and neck. For a lifted and more toned appearance, consider our skin tightening treatment tailored for such age-related concerns in Singapore.

Ageing facial skin tends to become more vulnerable to environmental aggressors, causing heightened sensitivity. This frailty arises from thinning skin layers and weakened protective barriers. To combat this, our Anti-Aging Treatment in Singapore strengthens and soothes using a proprietary blend of carefully curated active ingredients.

Wrinkles can result from repetitive motions of the skin (such as through exaggerated facial expressions), UV exposure, and loss of collagen and skin elasticity due to ageing. Crow’s Feet are a type of wrinkle that forms at the outer corner of the eye, and result from excessive squinting, laughing, or smiling. Sun exposure, facial expressions, and decreased collagen also contribute to these markings. Turn back the clock with our dedicated anti-ageing wrinkles treatment in Singapore, specially formulated to smoothen and rejuvenate.

Hexa De-Age Treatment

What is our Hexa De-Age treatment?

We can’t pull the brakes on skin ageing, but our scientifically-based anti-ageing treatments can slow it down.

Our Hexa De-Age Skincell Booster is formulated with powerful ingredients to work on the root problem by giving your skin cells a boost and increase cell turnover so that the skin will be firmer, more supple, and youthful looking.

How does it work: A 360 approach

Powerful ingredients in our anti-ageing treatment can help boost facial skin cell turnover. Using S-Pulse technology with 4 different frequency levels, it allows the peptides to reach the deep skin layers while simultaneously lifting the skin so that your face will appear lifted, firmer, and tighter. This erases visible signs of skin ageing and shaves years off your appearance.

What ingredients do we use?

Our Anti-Aging Facial Treatment uses several ingredients to target the underlying causes of skin ageing, including:

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: Reduces fine lines and promotes supple skin.
  • Sodium DNA: Promotes skin cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity and texture.
  • Adenosine: Improves skin texture and evens out skin tone.

Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment Steps

Here at New York Skin Solutions, we are constantly looking for new ways to deliver effective and non-invasive anti-ageing skincare solutions to our clients. Our Hexa De-Age Treatment only contains 6 simple steps, which can be completed within a single session at our facial and aesthetic clinics in Singapore.


Detailed Skin Analysis

Review your skin condition and work out a personalised treatment with our skin experts.


Double Cleanse

Remove oil and dirt from the surface of the skin so that the skin is prepped for treatment.



Gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin build up with an ultrasonic skin scrubber.


S-Pulse x Hexa De-Age Skincell Booster

Combining nourishing peptides with S-Pulse technology to penetrate the booster into the dermis layer of the skin, while providing a lifting effect.


Soothing Algae Mask

Locks in hydration and nourishing peptides for longer-lasting results.



Review post-treatment results with your consultant.

Post-Treatment Results

Delve into the transformative experiences of our clients in Singapore who have embraced a youthful revival thanks to the Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment. Whether it’s for tackling stubborn wrinkles, achieving skin tightening, or boosting a youthful and radiant complexion, these honest testimonials below reflect our clients’ satisfaction with our skin treatments.

How does New York Skin Solutions’ Anti-Aging Treatment differ from other clinics?

While many other aesthetic clinics in Singapore also offer anti-ageing facial and skin treatments, we set ourselves apart by offering science-based non-invasive procedures with an immediate impact.

Laser Aesthetic Clinic

New York Skin Solutions

Non-Invasive Procedure


No extractions and immediately glow after treatment

No Side Effects (Pain / Bruising / Swelling / Stiffness)

Depends on procedure done and individual skin condition



Targets dermis and epidermis layer but may have downtime.

Targets dermis and epidermis layer with no downtime.

Suitable for Everyone

No No

Naturally healthy & radiant skin


Leave each session with brighter skin and a youthful glow

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Perfect Pair Products

Enhance your anti-ageing facial treatment with our curated product collection designed to complement the Hexa De-Age procedure. These products are intended to further address wrinkles and amplify skin tightening, ensuring lasting youthfulness and radiance.

Want youthful skin?

Reverse and slow down signs of facial skin ageing today with our signature Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment.

Noticeable difference in one session!

Make an appointment with us today and enjoy a complimentary skin analysis to get a facial treatment recommendation tailored to your skin concerns. With over nine outlets located island wide in Singapore, you can find us at our facial treatment clinic in Tampines, facial clinic in Woodlands, facial clinic in Orchard Road, and more. New York Skin Solutions also offers dark eye circle and eye rejuvenation treatments and cica spot acne treatments to tackle common skincare problems and help you regain and restore your confidence.

FAQs About Anti-Ageing Facial Treatments

How does the Hexa De-Age Treatment specifically target signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles?

Utilising advanced ultrasonic and active ingredient technology, the Hexa De-Age Treatment penetrates deep into the skin’s layers for an anti-ageing effect, boosting collagen production. This diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother, revitalised look.

Can the Hexa De-Age Treatment be customised to my specific skin type and anti-ageing concerns?

Absolutely. Our experts at New York Skin Solutions are able to personalise the Hexa De-Age Treatment based on your unique skin type and concerns. Prior to your first treatment, we will conduct a consultation to understand the necessary history, factors, and worries related to your skin. Our experts will then be able to recommend a suitable anti-ageing treatment regime, ensuring maximum efficacy and results tailored to your needs.

Is the Hexa De-Age Treatment suitable for all ages?

While primarily designed to combat signs of ageing, the Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment is suitable for adults of all ages looking to rejuvenate their facial skin, prevent early onset of wrinkles, and achieve skin tightening effects for a toned and more youthful look.

Are there any side effects or downtime associated with the treatment?

The Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment is safe, with minimal side effects. Some clients may experience slight redness in the skin post-treatment, which subsides quickly. As it is a non-invasive procedure with no prolonged downtime, you can resume your regular daily activities swiftly and without delay.

How many sessions are typically needed to see significant results?

On average, clients notice visible improvements in their skin after 3-4 sessions of the Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment. However, the exact number of sessions necessary varies depending on individual skin conditions, the severity of ageing signs, and the client’s own skincare goals and needs.

Can I combine the Hexa De-Age Treatment with other skincare products or treatments?

Certainly. The Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment can be effectively combined with other skincare treatments or products for enhanced results. Our skin specialists will provide guidance on the best combinations tailored to your needs, so that you can attain long-lasting and effective results.

What is the cost of the Hexa De-Age Treatment, and are there any package deals available?

The cost of the Hexa De-Age Treatment varies based on each individual client’s anti-ageing goals and skin-related needs. It’s best to consult our experts for precise pricing tailored to your requirements, or to find out more about limited-time package deals and offers.

Can the Hexa De-Age Treatment prevent the future development of wrinkles?

Yes, regular sessions of the Hexa De-Age Anti-Aging Treatment can slow down the skin’s ageing process, preventing the early onset of wrinkles and maintaining a youthful complexion. This is achieved through restoring and supporting collagen and elastin production in the skin, resulting in the smoothening of wrinkles and a more toned complexion.

Is the skin tightening effect of the Hexa De-Age Treatment long-lasting, and how can it be maintained?

The skin tightening effect of the Hexa De-Age Treatment typically lasts for several weeks up to several months. To maintain the anti-ageing results, clients are recommended to return for regular touch-up sessions and to follow our recommended aftercare routine as advised.

Can I see a noticeable difference in one session of the treatment?

While some clients report noticeable differences after a single session of the Hexa De-Age Treatment, optimum anti-ageing results are typically achieved after multiple sessions. This ensures a comprehensive treatment of visible signs of ageing on the face, such as loose and saggy skin, or wrinkles.

Are there any specific aftercare products recommended following the treatment?

Yes, to maximise and prolong results, our facial skin specialists will recommend specific anti-ageing aftercare products as part of your regular skincare routine. These are designed to complement the Hexa De-Age Treatment, ensuring continuous skin nourishment and protection.