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New York Skin Solutions’ signature HydroCollagen+ facial treatment is a customer favourite; it is an intensively hydrating facial treatment that employs a 3-tier skin renewal technique to provide an ultimate remedy for all skin concerns!

This revolutionary, non-invasive and medical-grade treatment delivers an instant and lasting hydration boost while replenishing lost collagen.

In the first step, micro-molecules with active ingredients are penetrated deeply into the skin layer to promote cellular repair. The second layer, marine collagen, will then be infused to minimize pores, rejuvenate skin elasticity and improve skin texture, leaving skin supple and firm. Hyaluronic acid is the star of the last step critical for brightening, further hydrating skin and sealing in moisture for instant radiance and that dewy translucent glow. The result is one week’s worth of tedious skincare in one easy, fast and effective 90 minute facial treatment!

If complex multi-step skin care techniques made up of toners, serums, ampoules, mists, moisturisers, and sheet masks have not produced desirable results, do consider New York Skin Solution’s signature HydroCollagen+ facial treatment!