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How to get rid of Pimples?

  • Causes: Puberty, hormonal changes, clogged and infected pores, etc.
  • Consequences: Unsightly scars, skin damage and rough skin surface.
  • Solutions: Control and reduce oil production while clearing out the impurities effectively.

How to get rid of Acne Scars?

  • Causes: Acne scars are formed as a result of inflamed pimples.
  • Consequences: Pitted “orange peel” look, enlarged pores in the surface of the skin.
  • Solutions: Raise the contents of collagen in skin to accelerate cell renewal and repair.

How to get rid of Sensitive Skin?

  • Causes: Scratching itchy skin repeatedly, leaving it irritated and exposed to infection.
  • Consequences: Unsuitable skincare products or cosmetics can irritate the skin further.
  • Solutions: Deep Hydrating Facial Mask is mild and pH balanced to soothe your skin.

How to get rid of Pigmentation?

  • Causes: Prolonged exposure to UV radiation, hormonal changes.
  • Consequences: Irregular or round patches of the skin gets bigger and darker.
  • Solutions: Vitamin C Booster to lighten pigmentation & Honey Mask to improve your complexion.

How to get rid of Ageing Skin?

  • Causes: Environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle habits.
  • Consequences: Loss of elasticity, skin loosens and sags, appearance is dull and old.
  • Solutions: Anti-ageing & Collagen Boost Treatment to repair and restore the skin renewal process.

How to get rid of Dark Eye Circles?

  • Causes: Iron deficiency, poor blood circulation, bad sleeping habits.
  • Consequences: Teased for having ‘panda eyes’, looking older than your age.
  • Solutions: Eye Care Treatment to minimise the puffiness & discolouration under the eyes.
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