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Dark Eye Circles

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More men are developing dark eye circles as they face increased stress from their careers.

Types of Eye Problem Areas


Dark Eye Circles, Eyebags.


Insufficient sleep, fatigue, stress, medication, ageing, heredity, fluid retention.

Formation Process

  • Blood vessels around the eye area are extremely fine and thin, thus blood flows at a slower rate there compared to other parts of the body.
  • When blood flow gets further hindered due to the accumulation of toxins from inadequate rest, veins around the eyes start to turn purplish red due to slower drainage, forming dark eye circles.
  • Fluids that are not drained away cause the possibility of swelling/puffy eyes and eye bags.
  • Also, as we age, the membrane responsible for supporting fats in the lower eyelid which cushions the eye socket becomes loose, causing the skin below the eye to sag, resulting in eye bags.


  • Looking older than your actual age.
  • Looking tired and worn out even when you feel fine.
  • If not treated early, dark circles may be PERMANENT.

What’s the Solution

  • THOROUGH and DEEP CLEANSING of the face to remove impurities.
  • Series of hot and cold mask compressions.
  • LYMPHATIC MASSAGE to improve blood circulation at the eye area.
  • DETOXIFYING eye treatment, draining away excess fluid and cellular impurities.
  • FIRMING and LIFTING the eye contour to prevent sagging skin at the eye area.

Visible Result

New York Skin Solutions can painlessly lighten your dark eye circles, brighten your eye area and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Get more radiant skin with us today!

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