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Milia seeds

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Milia seeds may not be a well-known skin problem, but it is a condition that affects both men and women.

What is It


Milia seeds are keratin-filled bumps which usually develop around the nose and eye regions causing rough and uneven skin textures.


Hormonal changes, inappropriate use of oil-based skin care products and pollutants.

Process of Pimple / Formation Process

Rich moisturizes may be best at hydrating the skin, but they tend to be oil-based. When excessive oil accumulates and clogs up the sweat glands, white bumps will start forming, resulting in milia seeds.


Uneven and rough skin texture.

What’s the Solution

  • THOROUGH and DEEP CLEANSING of the face to remove impurities that are present.
  • GENTLE EXFOLIATION to remove dead skin cells and excess oil.
  • EXTRACTION of milia seeds.
  • Double Mask for hydrating and maintaining moisture balance in skin.
  • Products used are botanical-based and prescribed with suitable vitamins and minerals for effective treatments.
  • As milia seeds have NO PORE OPENING, it is best if they are treated/removed with professional extraction techniques. Don’t try to remove them by yourself!

Visible Result

New York Skin Solutions uses professional extraction techniques to give you smoother, clearer skin free of irritating bumps. If you are suffering from milia seeds, New York Skin Solutions can help you!

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