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Pigmentation is a common problem faced by men living in Singapore regardless of age, due to excess sunlight! Older men may also find themselves plagued with dark spots as an ageing sign.

What is It

Pigmentation refers to dark spots that are seen on the skin, resulting in uneven skin tone as melanin accumulates on the skin’s surface.

Types of Pigmentation


Freckles, liver spots (age spots), melasma.


  • FRECKLES: Frequent and Long tern UV exposure.
  • LIVER SPOTS: excessive sun or UV exposure.
  • MELASMA: Excessive sun/UV exposure and inappropriate skincare products can also trigger melasma formation.

Formation Process

Pigments that cause pigmentation are created by a cell called melanocyte. When exposed to UV light, melanocyte produces melanin to protect the skin from UV damage. As the skin cell ages, it moves towards the skin surface, closer to the UV rays. This causes the melanocyte to make more pigment. Thus older men are more susceptible to pigmentation woes as they age.


  • Uneven skin tone.
  • Looking older than your actual age.

What’s the Solution

  • A thorough cleansing of the face to UNCLOG PORES of impurities.
  • EXFOLIATING dead skin cells from the top skin layer.
  • SOFTENING and HYDRATING of surface skin for better absorption of nutrients.
  • CONTROLLING excessive melanin production with advanced technological equipment and products.
  • Double mask that helps to BRIGHTEN and stabilize skin condition.
  • Products used are botanical in nature, and prescribed with suitable vitamins and minerals for LIGHTENING of pigmentation.

Visible Result

New York Skin Solutions has helped many individuals lighten their dark spots and brighten their skin tone without makeup. Be one of them today!

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