Discover New York Skin Solutions’ Products Curated for Sensitive Skin

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Discover New York Skin Solutions’ Products Curated for Sensitive Skin

Discover New York Skin Solutions’ Products Curated for Sensitive Skin

If you love all things skincare, the temptation to try new products is surely a familiar one. Beautiful packaging, trending skincare ingredients, and promises of plump, radiant skin – undoubtedly, these attributes make new skincare hard to pass up. However, just because a product promises the world, it does not mean that it is intended for everyone.

The first rule of skincare: always ensure that your skincare products are appropriate for your specific skin type. There are a few core terms that get thrown around where skin types are concerned – oily, combination, dry, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. The last one, in particular, is pretty ubiquitous in the skincare world and many attribute their skincare woes to it. But the term “sensitive skin” is a nebulous umbrella term with varying degrees and types. Take a deep dive into what it means to have sensitive skin and how to curate an effective skincare regimen to suit your skin.

Sensitive Skin: What It Entails 

Unlike the other skin types, “sensitive skin” is not a clinical diagnosis. Instead, it refers to the skin’s tendency to be more reactive than average. Sensitive skin is caused by nerve endings in the top layer becoming irritated whenever the skin’s natural barrier is weakened or broken down. It can be easily irritated not just by the chemicals in your skincare products but also by the environment and some diets. Potential triggers may include hot and humid weather, air pollution, hormones, and even lack of sleep. When the skin is exposed to these triggers, it may react by exhibiting several symptoms, including redness, itchiness, burning, and general discomfort.

It is worth noting that mild sensitivity is normal, but prolonged sensitivity may indicate an underlying skin condition, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis. If there is indeed a skin condition, skin sensitivity may pose a vicious cycle that may just exacerbate other skin symptoms. In such cases, it is worth speaking to a board-certified dermatologist to determine your triggers and set preventive measures to mitigate your skin condition’s symptoms.

Sensitive Skin: Your Daily Care

With an endless list of cleansers, creams, and serums, finding the right skincare products for your sensitive skin can be overwhelming. But do not fret, New York Skin Solutions has a line of products specially formulated for sensitive skin. 

When caring for sensitive skin, rebuilding the compromised skin barrier is imperative. Aside from making it more tolerant to skincare ingredients and environmental elements, an effective skincare routine can also help mitigate any dryness. Skincare products like our Hydro Perfect Wash and Night Repair Activator Serum boast glycerine, a humectant that pulls water into the outermost layer of your skin from the deeper levels and the air. In addition, the intense revitalizing serum can also help restore and repair the damaged skin barrier overnight by activating the skin’s natural strength to withstand external environmental stressors. Our Soothing Gel is another product that can help restore the damaged skin barrier. This lightweight gel is formulated with niacinamide, which prompts the skin to grow a ceramide (lipid) barrier to help retain moisture. 

If you wish for an immediate result, consider opting for our HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment. This facial treatment is formulated with bio-active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin layer to promote cellular repair. In addition, the treatment also incorporates double-masking, which works to seal in hydration, ensuring skin rejuvenation with just one session! Other benefits include fewer pimples and acne, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and lightening pigmentation.

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