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Drugstore Products vs Professional Skin Treatment

Drugstore Products

I have a mild case of pimples and I use pimple creams from drugstores. Do I need professional treatment?

If your skin problem has been cleared completely with products from drugstore brands, you are among the minority. Most people try in vain to treat skin problems themselves. They also rely on cosmetics to conceal skin blemishes but kick off a vicious cycle of worsening skin because of incomplete cleansing.

Blemishes need active treatment before they become deeply-rooted problems that are harder to clear up. Professional skin treatment is the best and most reliable option to regain perfect skin and your confidence.

Most reputable skin treatment centers develop their own professional skin treatment products from years of extensive clinical research and testing. They also have highly-trained skin therapists to analyze, diagnose and treat skin problems with actual results and minimal downtime.

Professional skin treatment like that found in New York Skin Solutions ensures the best treatment methods and product range to remedy skin problems and meet your skin’s current needs, with active ingredients harnessed after clinical testing. They deliver healing properties many times more concentrated than those found in off-the-shelf products. The constant monitoring of your skin status by skincare experts also guarantees an optimal healing process for your skin.