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Freckles Treatment


Can professional skin treatment eliminate the freckles I have since I was a child?

Freckles are genetic and are triggered by exposure to sunlight. UVB radiation triggers melanocytes to produce higher levels of melanin. Melanocytes are skin cells that produce color pigments (melanin) that give our hair, skin and eyes their color. The development of these spots happens during preteens and is more common in young girls with fair skin tone.

For those living in countries with four seasons, freckles become more prominent in summer, but fade considerably in winter. In Singapore, unfortunately, our tropical climate exposes the melanocytes to higher levels of UV radiation, causing the freckles to darken.

Professional treatment at New York Skin Solutions can lighten and eventually remove freckles. Our treatments regulate the production of melanin in the skin cells and lightening the spots with powerful active ingredients from plant-based essences. We also strongly advocate the use of broad spectrum sunscreen even when indoors.