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Gucci Bags or Eye Bags?

Gucci Bags or Eye Bags?

A misconception about eye bags is that they are caused by a lack of sleep. However, eye bags are actually the result of aging – an accumulation of the wealth of time. Besides age, heredity can be another cause for the development of eye bags. Sleep deprivation causes dark circles which make eye bags more pronounced and visibly worse.

The mild swelling under the eyes is due to the weakening of facial muscles which allows the fat that supports the eye to move into the lower eyelids, contributing to the baggy look. The space below your eyes can also accumulate fluid, making the under-eye area appear puffy.

Home Treatment for Eye Bags

There are a few remedies you can try at home to lessen the severity of the swelling.

  • Cold compress. Compressing the area with something cold reduces the blood flow and lessens the swelling.
  • Specialized skincare products. Some skin care products have anti-aging properties that can help to tighten up your skin and make your eyes look less puffy.
  • Cold tea bags. The caffeine in tea shrinks the blood vessels underneath the eye to reduce puffiness.

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

New York Skin Solutions has the perfect remedy for signs of aging and reducing swelling under the eyes. The Eye Rejuvenation Treatment tackles age-related collagen loss which contributes to the formation of eye bags and water retention. Using a 4-step process, you will get smoother and more youthful-looking eyes. The treatment eliminates eye bags and is also an excellent remedy for dark eye circles that normally accompany eye bags.

Step 1: A hot-cold compress targets the blood vessels underneath the skin around the eyes. This first step shrinks the blood vessels and improves circulation so that the blood vessels are not so visible under the thin skin.

Step 2: The use of an ultrasound machine and customized ampoule (concentrated serum) will stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin to thicken the layer and appearance of the skin underneath the eyes. This step also smoothes out wrinkles to make your skin feel and look more youthful.

Step 3: Our specialists will give a relaxing PRO pressure-point massage that targets pressure points in the face to release eye muscle tension built up from stress. This specialized massage will improve circulation in the face and remove unwanted toxins.

Step 4: Lastly, a soothing eye mask will rehydrate the skin and lighten dark circles.

Proper Treatment for Eye Bags

It is important to understand that treatment for eye bags and dark circles are different because they are caused by different factors. While home remedies, such as cold compress and using cold tea bags, are excellent for treating dark circles, they only reduce and lessen the appearance of eye bags. To effectively treat eye bags and improve skin laxity, our Eye Rejuvenation Treatment is highly recommended because it is specifically designed to resolve issues such as eye bags.

Remove Eye Bags with New York Skin Solutions

Make an appointment at any of our Singapore stores to start treatment for eye bags and other cosmetic issues concerning the eye areas such as dark eye circles and wrinkles. Of course, to maintain the effects of the treatment for a longer time, it is important to supplement and hydrate your skin through home use of our recommended skincare products and a healthy lifestyle. It’s been proven that regular exercise and a healthy diet slow down the effects of time on our bodies. Radiant and healthy skin is worth more than a Gucci bag.