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How Many Steps Should You Have for Your Facial Treatment Routine at Night?

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There is varied opinion and advice on how many steps you need for your nighttime facial treatment routine. But, be it fourteen or four steps, your routine can be broken down to the essentials: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

What is The Importance of Having a Nighttime routine for Your Face

The goal of a nighttime face routine is to help your skin recover from the harsh elements you were exposed to during the day, such as wind, dirt and sun. A proper face treatment at the end of the day will not only rejuvenate your skin but also prepare it to function optimally the next day.

The Essentials of a Nighttime Facial Treatment

1. Cleansing

Washing and cleansing the face is a basic step in any face routine, but washing shouldn’t be done too often in a day as that may strip your skin of naturally-produced essential oils. When cleansing your face, remember to use a gentle cleanser to remove any environmental pollutants and dirt that may have clogged your pores during the day.

There is a cleanser for every skin type, and it’s important to purchase one that is suitable for your skin. . New York Skin Solutions has specially formulated cleansers that are suitable for all skin types. For example, Refreshing Wash ii 116 is a foaming liquid cleanser designed for oily skin. On the other hand, dry or eczema-prone skin would require a cream cleanser, while sensitive skin calls for the application of non-comedogenic oils like argan.

2. Toning

Toners have come a long way and are no longer just alcohol-based products that dry up oily skin. These days, toners are lightweight, hydrating liquids that provide important nutrients to soothe, tone and balance skin complexion. They also serve to prepare your skin for the next step – moisturizing.

3. Moisturizing

Moisturizers, as the name suggests, hydrate and soften the skin. After toner is applied, the skin requires moisturizers to lock in moisture. Moisturizers are vital and should be used frequently,  especially since the skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes as we age. Like cleansers, the suitability of a moisturizer will vary according to the skin type. Gel moisturizers are more suitable for oily skin, whereas those with dry skin should look for cream moisturizers in the New York Skin Solutions’ collection. For normal skin types, a lotion-based moisturizer is good enough. You can get your desired products from the online store.

Additional Step for Your Nighttime Face Treatment

As an additional step, consider introducing serums into your skincare routine. Serums are powerful skin products packed with an elixir of active ingredients and essential nutrients. You can enquire more about serums at any New York Skin Solutions outlet, where our skin professionals will be happy to advise and help.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Maintaining a nighttime routine for your face is essential for your skin health. If you’re looking to start one, head down to any one of the New York Skin Solution outlets in Singapore for a HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment and get an accurate skin diagnosis. This will help improve your skin condition faster and help you decide on the type of skin products you should be getting.

The HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment, in addition to your nighttime facial treatment, is a sure way to rejuvenate and maintain healthy and radiant skin. The award-winning treatment will increase the effectiveness of ingredients in your skincare products.