Living in Sunny Singapore: Protecting Your Skin from UV Damage

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Living in a Sunny Singapore: Protecting Your Skin from UV Damage

Protecting Your Skin from UV Damage

Singapore’s weather – you either hate it or learn to tolerate it. Situated right on the equator, Singapore’s hot and humid weather all year round has its perks, but such weather can take a toll on your skin. A short walk under the noon sun for a few minutes is enough to make you feel desperate for a cold shower. Prolonged exposure tothe sun goes beyond discomfort – for your skin, it also means a laundry list of skin troubles, including pigmentation, skin irritation, and more. Compounding that with constant mask-wearing, achieving smooth and radiant skin seems like a herculean task.

Sun, Heat, and Sensitive Skin

Singapore’s hot and humid weather is not exactly your skin’s best friend. The unbearable heat and humidity can cause you to sweat profusely. Aside from water loss, the weather also prompts increased production of sebum, causing your skin to appear greasy. This sets the perfect breeding ground for pimples and acne breakouts.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity are the least of your worries. Being on the equator also translates to higher ultraviolet (UV) levels, as the sun is almost directly overhead, and its UV rays have a shorter travel distance through the atmosphere. Prolonged exposure to these UV rays will lead to DNA changes at the cellular level. The onset of photodamage will prompt the skin to scramble and produce melanin to prevent further damage – this is what gives you a tan and, in the worst scenario, sunspots and hyperpigmentation. However, the skin can only do so much and should the UVA rays penetrate your skin deep enough. They can damage the collagen fibres and cause increased production of abnormal elastin. The rebuilding of damaged collagen gets compromised, resulting in incorrectly rebuilt skin – in other words, wrinkles and fine lines.

Giving Your Skin the Protection and Love It Deserves

When it comes to taking care of your skin in sunny Singapore, there are three basic but crucial steps: double cleansing, moisturizing, and applying a good SPF.

While cumbersome, double cleansing is the new and popular way to cleanse your skin. Make-up, excess oil, dead skin cells, and sunscreen – all of these require more than just one wash to break down effectively. A double cleanse covers this gap by washing your face twice. The first wash typically involves an oil-based cleanser assisted by a mechanical tool, such as a brush, to break down your makeup and sunscreen. The second wash involves a gentle cleanser like our Hydro Perfect Wash to eliminate micro-matter like dead skin cells and pollutants that may stay on the skin even after the first wash. 

Choosing the right moisturizer is difficult, especially with this country’s weather. Typically, Asian women have a weaker skin barrier than our Western counterparts and even a tiny number of external stimuli is enough to cause significant damage, making it more susceptible to moisture loss and dryness. As such, be sure to pick an oil-free moisturizer that effectively hydrates the skin from within and locks in moisture and nourishment. Consider our Activ-Clear Moisturiser 591

With the high UV levels, it is imperative that you give your skin ample protection. Even on a cloudy day, do not be fooled – UV rays are still very much in high gear. To mitigate sun damage, applying a good SPF is crucial. Sunscreen protects the skin by blocking and absorbing UV rays, reacting with the radiation before it manages to penetrate the epidermis. Opt for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and a PA+++ minimum, such as our UV Care Cream SPF 30, for example. It is best to choose one that boasts a water-resistant formula as it will stay on your skin even when you have worked up a sweat. Be sure to reapply every two hours to reap its full benefits.

Beyond the usual routine, your skin also benefits from an extra dose of care and pampering. Going for occasional in-clinic treatments are a great way to not only boost recovery from sun damage, but also to rejuvenate your skin. The HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment, for instance, is formulated to give an instant and lasting hydrating boost while replenishing lost collagen. Aside from reducing wrinkles and fine lines, this treatment also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and combats acne formation.

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