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Post Natal Pigmentation


Help! I started seeing pigmentation on my cheeks after giving birth. What should I do?

Pigmentation can include freckles, liver or age spots, Melasma (or Chloasma) and birthmarks. Pigmentation that occurs during or after the pregnancy period is called Melasma, also known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’.

While Melasma goes away naturally for most mothers, these brown patches that occur on the forehead, cheeks and chin never go away for some. Instead, they may deepen into the skin layer, enlarge in size or spread on other parts of the face. Those on contraceptive pills may also suffer from the same skin problem.

New York Skin Solutions offers a comprehensive treatment routine that removes Melasma, using intense lightening solutions that dissipate the accumulation of melanin in the underlying skin. Thorough follow-up treatments ensure that pigmentation is kept at bay.