This is Zit!: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Popping Your Pimples

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This is Zit!: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Popping Your Pimples

You see a ripe pimple cropping up on your face and despite your best efforts, you can’t help but pick at it. You’re after that satisfying pop and relief, but stop right there! That momentary popping of your pimples could in fact cause more harm than good. New York Skin Solutions gives you 5 compelling reasons why you should stop popping your pimples right now.

Saying No to Pimple Popping

Whether you get an occasional zit or are more prone to pimple breakouts, picking at acne of any kind can make it worse. Here’s why:

1. It Can Worsen Your Acne Condition

The relief and control you get from picking at acne is temporary at best and it’s not the optimal way forward to get rid of these breakouts. The areas where you pick at can become red and inflamed, and make your acne look worse. The pimple you popped can bleed or scab over, making it look more prominent but not actually going away. Continuing this pattern only exacerbates your acne condition.

2. It Can Create Acne Scars

When you pick at acne and pop pimples, it causes trauma to that skin area and greatly increases the risk of scars forming. Ever noticed how acne scars are pressed inwards or pitted? Typically those would’ve been pimples that heal and fade in due time. However, when you pop those pimples, the trauma creates damage that your body can’t fix through collagen alone. To get rid of these acne scars, you’ll require specialized acne scar treatments.

3. It Can Lead to Dark Spots and Pigment Changes

Besides acne scars, you could also encounter pigmentation issues. Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, are caused by inflammation when you pick at acne. These eventually cause a dark spot on your skin, which remains there even when the pimple itself is gone.

4. It Can Cause An Infection

It may seem like you’re pushing all the gunk in a pimple outwards when you pop it. But in reality, you’re also pushing bacteria back into the follicle and towards the inner layers of your skin. This often leads to a bacterial infection that requires much more care than solving an acne breakout, and may even require antibiotics to heal.

5. It Can Cause Permanent Damage

The scars and pigmentation issues that occur from picking at acne cannot be resolved on their own, and often end up as permanent damage on your skin. This skin damage needs to be treated by a professional and is in fact harder to reverse than treating acne itself. By taking matters into your own hands, you may end up with more permanent damage and skin issues than you started with.

Tips to Prevent Popping Pimples and Picking at Acne

While it’s no easy feat to resist picking at acne, here are some tips to try out:

  • Keep your hands occupied
  • Remind yourself why you shouldn’t pick at acne
  • Distract yourself with other activities
  • Keep your nails short
  • Use pimple stickers to create a physical barrier

Seek Proper Treatment

Untreated acne can keep recurring and in time, can lead to deeply pigmented or pitted acne scars. The best thing you can do if you’re suffering from pimples or acne breakouts is to seek professional treatment aimed at improving your skin condition and restoring your skin’s vitality. If you’re wondering how to get rid of acne or acne scars, New York Skin Solutions has the answers for you.

Our proprietary Activ-Clear Acne Treatment and Activ-Clear skincare products have helped countless individuals in Singapore combat acne-prone skin to reveal a blemish-free, radiant complexion.

The Activ-Clear Acne Treatment is designed to soothe, treat and balance your skin. Right from your first treatment, it will instantly relieve your skin, combat inflammation and control oil secretion. Our acne and acne scars targeted treatment delivers a variety of skin-boosting ingredients including papain extract, chamomile, witch hazel and neem tree extract. These help to soothe irritated skin, reduce sebum production and slough off dead skin cells.

Our Activ-Clear range of products provides sebum balance and unclogs pores since we believe prevention is the best natural way. We have your basics covered with the Activ-Clear cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Our targeted serum and blemish cream rounds up your acne care and prevention routine. With potent ingredients like Witch Hazel to control sebum secretion and minimize the appearance of pores, and Hyaluronic Acid to replenish skin’s moisture, you’ll be well on your way to smooth and supple skin in no time at all.

No more pimple popping, get started on your acne treatment journey today — make an appointment at any of our outlets and our friendly, experienced consultants are here to help!