What to Expect: Skin Changes During and After Pregnancy

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What to Expect: Skin Changes During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an eventful time for most women. Both during and after pregnancy, women go through a number of physical and emotional changes. During this period of changes big and small, even your skin and hair go through massive changes during and post pregnancy! At times you may welcome these changes, such as a glorious, thick mane of hair due to pregnancy hormones. Other times, you may be battling some not-so-awesome side effects on your skin due to hormonal changes.

The good news is that these changes — both good and not-so-good — are not permanent! Once your hormones start rebalancing post-pregnancy, your physical and emotional changes will start to return to baseline as well. Eventually, you may not have that luxurious mane of hair anymore, but that means any hormonal skin issues that you’re facing will also subside with time.

Your self-care and skincare during and definitely after pregnancy take a back seat. That’s especially with all that you’re going through and dealing with, while also preparing for your baby’s arrival or taking care of and bonding with him/her after you’ve given birth. However, the key is to take a little time each day to take care of and pamper yourself. Taking some time out to follow a proper and consistent skincare routine twice a day can make a world of difference when you’re easing back into postpartum skin changes. This is especially true if you’re dealing with hormonal skin changes.

Skincare during and after pregnancy requires a little more attention and care. To keep your skin looking healthy and supple during and after pregnancy, let’s take a look at some tips.

Skin Changes During and After Pregnancy

1. Hormonal Acne

A rise in progesterone levels during pregnancy can cause an increase in secretion from oil glands, causing sebum buildup and clogged pores. This can cause unwanted acne breakouts during and post pregnancy. It is best to be consistent with your skincare when dealing with acne, but avoid using harsh and drying products. Use a mild cleanser, followed by toner and moisturizer to keep your skin free of oil buildup but hydrated. You can also go for facial treatments to take care of stubborn pimples and scars.

2. Sensitive Skin

Your skin may suddenly become extra sensitive during and after pregnancy. Even products you’re used to may cause irritation, redness or itching. Hormonal changes cause your skin to be sensitive to heat, sunlight, certain chemicals and foods. You may also react to your skin becoming drier by developing eczema. Avoid triggers that tend to cause your sensitive skin to flare up during this period and give it a boost of soothing and calming nourishment. Use products made for sensitive skin, take extra care to keep your skin moisturized and go for facial treatments that will soothe your skin. Once the hormones settle down, your skin will too.

3. Pigmentation

You may suddenly notice dark spots or pigmentation on various parts of your face and body. This is again caused by hormonal changes and will subside in due time. Don’t be disheartened, skincare products and treatments specially catered for pigmentation can help to lighten and eventually diminish the dark spots for a smooth and even skin tone. While you may be tempted by home remedies, the best way to combat pigmentation is to seek the expertise of a professional skincare specialist.

Taking Care of Your Skin

While your baby often takes center stage during and after pregnancy, the best thing you can do for your skin is to start taking some time for yourself. With a little care, attention and time, women can go back to looking and feeling great about themselves again. Prioritize your own skincare routine as you would your child’s routine, so you can feel and look your best. This is the time to give your skin nourishment and care for it to rebalance itself naturally.

You don’t have to do it alone, though. New York Skin Solutions offers customized treatments and high-quality skincare products to help you along your journey of skin changes during and after pregnancy. Whether you’re facing acne, pigmentation or sensitive skin, NYSS has customized treatments to target these. You can also get products tailored for your skin type to continue your skincare routine daily at home. Book an appointment at any of our outlets today to start feeling like yourself again!