What's the Difference Between Freckles and Sun Spots


What’s the Difference Between Freckles and Sun Spots?

When you notice fresh dark marks on your skin, it's natural to be curious about what they are and where they came from. In most cases, you're either dealing with freckles or sun spots, both of which can look similar at first glance. However, are they the same?

What are Freckles and Sun Spots?

1. Freckles

Freckles are small, flat dark spots that form when the skin cells overproduce melanin. Most freckles have a consistent colour that can vary based on skin tone, ranging from red, tan, light brown, and dark brown to black.

2. Sun Spots

Like freckles, sun spots, also known as age spots, senile lentigo, or liver spots, are another form of skin pigmentation. Individuals with a fairer complexion are more predisposed to both conditions. Freckles and sun spots are also more visible on lighter skin tones.

Differences Between Freckles and Sun Spots

However, that is as far as their similarities go, and there are actually several distinctions between freckles and sun spots:

  • Size: Freckles are typically less than 5mm in diameter, but sun spots are usually larger, ranging from a few millimetres to a few centimetres, making them more prominent.
  • Causes: Freckles are also influenced by genetics, and they serve as a form of protection to stop UV rays from penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. In contrast, sunspots are caused by sun exposure and are prevalent among individuals 55 years old and over. Nonetheless, frequent sun exposure can also cause individuals as young as adults in their 30s to develop sun spots.
  • Dispersion: Freckles are generally evenly distributed throughout the body, whereas sun spots are found on the hands, face, shoulders, back, arms, tops of feet or other areas more frequently exposed to the sun.
  • Duration: Freckles can fade away with age or seasons. In contrast, sun spots, a sign of skin damage, often do not disappear completely. As such, receiving treatments from a professional centre in Singapore is required for effective removal.

Are Freckles and Sun Spots Harmful?

The appearance of freckles and sun spots can be troubling for individuals. The good news is that both skin conditions are benign and generally pose no harm. However, it is essential to keep an eye on their appearance and watch for any irregularities or changes that may indicate skin cancer, such as malignant melanoma. If any changes are noticed, it’s recommended that you visit with a certified skin specialist promptly.

Preventing Freckles and Sun Spots

As a rule of thumb, prevention is always better than cure. As such, it is also advised that you avoid spending prolonged hours under the sun or use artificial tanning methods such as sunbeds to prevent triggering both freckles and sun spots.

But above all, applying sunscreen such as New York Skin Solutions’ UV Care Cream 551 SPF30 or Tinted Day Cream SPF30 552 should be a crucial step in your daily preventive efforts to protect your skin against the 50% of UVA rays that you are still exposed to even when indoors.

How to Remove Freckles and Sun Spots?

If you are already plagued by pigmentation problems, fret not, as there are various treatments in Singapore to address your concerns. For instance, New York Skin Solution offers the Tranx-Bright Pigmentation Treatment to help men and women combat freckles, sun spots, melasma and more.

This non-invasive treatment leverages potent ingredients like tranexamic acid, hydroxydecyl ubiquinone and dipotassium glycyrrhizate. With the treatment’s multi-pronged approach of spot brightening and melanin control, you can be assured of significant skin improvements with minimal downtime.

If you also experience other concerns related to sun exposure, such as wrinkles, you can count on the salon’s signature HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment to repair your deep skin layers for more supple and firm skin. Meanwhile, individuals who opt for the Hexa De-Age Treatment can look forward to wrinkle enhancements and visible results after one session.

For maximum treatment efficacy, add a spot-lightening product like the New York Unique Cream 450 or wrinkle-targeting skincare like the Cellulous Eye Mask 666 to complete your regime. Schedule an appointment or visit our outlet today for a more tailored recommendation.